Becoming a TX-TERT Member

Are you interested in becoming a member of TX-TERT? Before you can be deployed, you must first complete these simple steps.

Step One. Ensure you meet the requirements to become a member.

Step Two. Complete the TERT Basic Awareness Course in classroom or online.

Step Three. Complete the TX-TERT Membership Application and TERT Contract of Commitment.

Step Four. Stay abreast of developments in TERT qualifications, additional training, and opportunties.

  • Follow TX-TERT on Facebook and Twitter as social media is a great resource for TERT-related updates.
  • Interested in becoming a Team Leader or a TX-TERT Trainer? Ensure you meet the requirements and attend the training courses.

Step Five. Keep your contact information current in the TERT database so when disaster strikes, we'll know we can count on you. To update your information, please contact the TX-TERT State Coordinator.
























TX-TERT Promotional Items

Various promotional items are available for purchase. Each item will have the TX-TERT logo embroidered on it. A minimum of six items is required per order. Click here for more information.









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