In 2005, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita incapacitated many 9-1-1 communications centers along the Gulf of Mexico.  Many telecommunicators who stayed to work were also victims who lost family and property.  They were unaware that telecommunicators could ask for assistance like police officers and fire fighters.  Sister agencies from both in and out of state sent telecommunicators to affected agencies so dispatchers could check on family and assess damage to homes and property.  However, because there was not a formal policy in place for telecommunicator deployment procedures, FEMA would not recognize their efforts or reimburse responding agencies.

Now, through the efforts of dedicated professionals and countless hours of planning and development, Texas has a governing body to assure resources are available to implement aid, follow FEMA and NIMS protocols, and provide standardized training for all Texas telecommunicators.

This web site is dedicated to providing information about the Texas Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce to agencies, dispatchers, and TERT regional and county coordinators.













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