Prior to the NENA/APCO National Joint TERT Initiative in 2001, Texas was already on the right path for participation. Texas Telecommunicators and 9-1-1 professionals came together to form the first TERT Steering Committee.

The first volunteer TX TERT Steering Committee is comprised of the following members.

Lisa Dodson Philip Jones
Deborah Yarnell Andrea Kirkconnell
Gina Larocca Deborah Turner
Laura Moore Russ Steffee
Larry Bachman Toni Dunne

The North Carolina Chapter of NENA originated the task force in 2001 to provide staffing assistance to PSAPs during times of FEMA-declared disasters when personnel are unable to make it into an affected PSAP. Texas hoped to carry on the same goal of making this a statewide task force by creating a partnership between Texas PSAPs and the Texas Department of Emergency Management to provide response to all communications centers across Texas regardless of size or participation during a disaster. A trained team of telecommunicators who are already familiar with another PSAP's equipment and protocols can provide a valuable solution to a short-term situation.

The original committee will always be remembered as the founding volunteers. Due to their efforts and dedication, Texas TERT is now one of the most recognized TERT programs nationwide.

Today, the program consists of the following positions.

  • State Coordinator
  • Regional Coordinators
  • Communications Liaison
  • Database Coordinator