Becoming a TX-TERT Member

Are you interested in becoming a member of TX-TERT? Before you can be deployed, you must first complete these simple steps.

Step One. Ensure you meet the requirements to become a member.

Step Two. Complete the TERT Basic Awareness Course in classroom or online.

Step Three. Complete the TX-TERT Membership Application and TERT Contract of Commitment.

Step Four. Stay abreast of developments in TERT qualifications, additional training, and opportunties.

    • Follow TX-TERT on Facebook and Twitter as social media is a great resource for TERT-related updates.
    • Interested in becoming a Team Leader or a TX-TERT Trainer? Ensure you meet the requirements and attend the training courses.

Step Five. Keep contact information current in your MyTERT account so when disaster strikes, we can contact you.